other components

The soil appeared in the Helsinki edition in an acryllic cube in the foyer. The acrylic cubes were from a previous work Time to Audience, exhibited between December 2, 2021 – January 30, 2022 at Ebb and flow exhibition, Kuva/Tila Gallery, Uniarts Helsinki' s Fine Arts Academy.

The soil contained some of artist Pie Kär's work Social Soil, created in dialogue with Kerstin Schroth in the frame of Moving in November. Kär produced the soil from biowaste collected from the events of Moving in November festival in 2021. I mixed Social soil with soil from my family compost.

In Turku edition the soil performed in a wooden box, which contained also some of the ashes produced by burning the love letters the audience had destroyed in the performances of the Helsinki edition. the burning of the letters took place on my garden on winter solstice, the 21st of December 2022. Some of the ashes I spread in the garden to nourish the soil in which apples, berries, potatoes and other vegetables grow and are used by my family.

In the Turku edition I added a painting by my late grand mother Helmi Luomi, presenting presumambly the hands of my late grand father Eino Luomi.

The carpets used in Audience Body are recycled from Janina Rajakangas & Neil Callaghan: Over Your Fucking Body, which premiered in Moving in November 2019. Set design by Jenni Pystynen. The carpet was used also in Pystynen & Rajakangas: Mutu (Dance House Helsinki 2022).

The piece contains also six small speakers with mp3-players. Three of these speakers play conversations and interviews that I have conducted with audience members of my previous experiments in the process of creating Audience Body. These sound tracks include voices by Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Carolina Jinde, Outi Condit, Olga Spyropoulou, Pekka Kantonen, Minna Heikinaho, Simo Kellokumpu, Lynda Gaudreau, Julius Elo, Lea Kantonen, Veli Lehtovaara, Shawn Chua, Juli Reinartz, Liisa Jaakonaho, Satu Herrala, Kaino Wennerstrand, Hanna Helavuori, Maria Oiva, Saara Moisio, Nanni Vapaavuori and myself.

Photo below Jesper Dolgov, New Performance Turku Biennale 2023. Other photos Tuomas Laitinen.

In the end of the event the audience are asked to return to the auditorium as they are handed the epilogue. It is a repetition of the format of the prologue, a folded A4, with the sentence "open at the same time with the others" in the cover. It guides the audience towards the ending.